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Project description

Ziloban is a pioneer in adhesive tapes manufacturing. Importing German technology to provide the ultimate product to the market in Pakistan. With a vision to be the best of its kind, Ziloban became the market leader in the production and trade of PVC Insulation Tapes. Ziloban serves to industrial and commercial and domestic customers.


Zakori Industries (pvt) Limited (ZIL) ® is the pioneer adhesive tapes manufacturing company in Pakistan founded by Mr. Habibullah Khan Zakori in 1985. With the import of German technology in Pakistan at that time, Chairman of ZIL put all his efforts into meeting customer demand for PVC electrical tape.
In its core business of adhesives, Zakori Group enjoys a 60% share of value in KP and is a dominant market leader. This translates to a very strong 35% national share. The growth has been fuelled by new strategies put in place that has made modern and efficient German technology its core aspect. This highlights some key strengths namely reliance on innovation and focuses on superior products to enable the business to capture market value. Dr. Omar Khan Zakori joined the family business in 1994 and was mainly responsible for extending the product line.