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Project description

Mr. COD is one of the biggest names in the fast food sector nationally and internationally. A place that provides delicious and well-priced food to its customers while giving them a cozy environment and therefore is one of the customers’ top-notch choices when it comes to fish n chips and fried chicken.
Website: Mr. Cod – Burgers, Fish & Chips


The rise in terrorism and catastrophes led the business landscape to deteriorate with time. Zakori Group, in the times of destabilized economy, diversified their Group portfolio by entering into the Food and Beverages Industry in 2010. The restaurant since its beginning, has been delivering fresh and palatable meals to its customers and the customer base is increasing by the day. The secret recipe of the restaurant and excellence in customer management of the team has made Mr. Cod one of the biggest fast-food players to date.

Mr.Cod specializes in fish based fast food products ranging from burgers to pizzas to fried fish and chicken. You name it, they have it! The affordable deals they offer are a boost to attract the masses.

In 2012, Mr. Ayub Zakori expanded by acquiring franchises in the UAE, granting the sole franchising entity to the Zakori Group in all of Middle East and Asia. In 2014, we took the high risk of opening a Mr.Cod franchise in the war-torn Afghanistan when no one was willing to take part in their business ecosystem. In 2018, Mr. Ayub opened another branch in Hayatabad as the demand was trending and in 2021, Gulbahar Branch was launched. With their presence in the twin cities and different locations of Peshawar at the moment, Mr. Cod is predicted to further expand its branches in the Middle East as well. Licensing contracts have already been signed for 3 branches of Mr. Cod to be opened up in Bahrain within the next year.