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Zakori is not only an industry but the partner of choice to provide generational business intellect with an approach towards sustainability and excellence. We power innovation by transforming the business domain of the region for accessibility and growth. Our historical presence and leadership pioneered an approach of streamlining business operations with a strong adherence to transparency. We have taken that forward by maintaining a framework of optimizing commercial success through customer loyalty and providing valuable insights and expertise on business to relevant stakeholders of the region. Zakori group emphasizes ceaseless learning and development to harbor a strengthening foundation of being the largest business influencers for both the short and long term.


To be the principal entity in Transforming the Business landscape of the region by providing unrivalled services and products with the application of highest ethical standards and incessant innovation.


To continue with our founding principles of reliability and consistency for equitable and collaborative relationships to further grow our market-leading businesses..

Habibullah Khan Zakori

History absolves and remembers those who venture into the unpredictability of life with boldness, resilience and adamant pursuit of their vision. While most men serve themselves, the wheel of civilization moves forward by the selfless service and duty of those who have a purpose higher than their own short-sighted approach to life. Habibullah Khan Zakori is matchless in his reputation of being the sole harbinger of the industrial revolution of the region. Although being the son to the owner of the Hunza Wollen Mill, Mr. Habib was left with no inheritance and had to navigate his own way at the subtle age of 18. He took a loan to migrate to Germany in 1960 and worked numerous odd jobs to work his way to become a leading translator and gaining proficiency in 7 languages. The epitome of a self-made man, Mr. Zakori eventually returned to his country to fulfill his promise of generating employment for the poverty stricken and uneducated masses of his region. His entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation of the Zakori Industries Private Limited which since has turned into an empire of 9 highly successful industries across the continent. Apart from his staunch devotion towards revolutionizing the industrial domain of the region, Mr. Habib also indulged in numerous avocations to impart his invaluable business intellect to further harbor and help the local communities. In this endeavor, he remained a revered member of the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and the Industrial Association of the Province. People who remain in contact with the Entrepreneur describe him as an ardent and dutiful individual whose strategic ambition laid the industrial understructure for the coming millennia. Habibullah Khan Zakori’s words are a source of inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs
“Each moment lived in the pursuit of one’s vision makes up for a rewarding life. With every opportunity comes duty and obligation, with every material possession comes the enormous responsibility of carrying on with humility

Ayub Khan Zakori

We have numerous examples of highly successful men who abandoned their mission after reaching a point of achievement or triumph. But the books of history remember those who overcame challenge after challenge without loss of motivation or courage. Ayub Khan Zakori is a third generation entrepreneur who is renowned as an individual who constantly ventures into unknown territories and reimagines the whole concept of successful entrepreneurship. Being thrust with the enormous responsibility of leading the group at a young age, Ayub not only solidified the family business but created an empire that now serves diverse industries and stretches across numerous borders. A man with an innate desire to keep reinventing his own definition of success, Mr. Ayub has remained a focal point in gaining a positive outlook for the business community of the region and has adapted to the unforgiving business climate and menacing security problems to pioneer an entrepreneurial approach towards business development. Ayub Zakori is a celebrated individual in the hospitality, energy, construction and healthcare sector with trailblazing attitude towards expansion of the Zakori Group. Although actively involved with 9 businesses, Ayub still manages to carry on with the tradition of providing counsel and guidance to the public sector in achieving his vision of a prosperous and stable regional business environment. Apart from being the advisor to the Finance minister, Mr. Zakori also serves on the board of the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and is the Senior Vice President of the Industrial Association Peshawar. He is the pioneer of revamping the VC domain of the country and has carried out duties as the Chairman of the National Incubation Center. As the vice chairman of the management board of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Economic Zones development and Management Company, Ayub is involved with providing critical information to international stakeholders that are keen on investing in the region. Ayub Khan Zakori has been paramount, not only for the group, but for the entire region in giving direction, inspiration and rectitude to keep breaking social and business stereotypes. His unique and highly successful approach can only be captured in his own words.
“I never look at the odds before starting something new because the 21st century will honor the daring and the consistent. I am interested in impact, in redefining success, in tackling outdated ideologies and pioneering new approaches”.

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