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Project description

Achieving the expertise in the Food and Beverage industry, Zakori Group yet again realized the absence of a youth spot in Peshawar and for this they worked through the hard, unsettling covid situation and initiated a youthful hangout place for youngsters and families alike whilst preserving the desi dhaba culture. Pyali gained a name for itself as soon as it was launched with an ambiance completing the food on offer.


Growing up in the community over the years, the lack of a place for youth was always evident. After looking up multiple potential opportunities over the span of his career, Mr. Ayub decided to improvise and opened its doors to the youth of the city with a state of the art facility, Pyali. Pyali was launched keeping the youth of the city at its center, who overtime have been attracted to creativity and have always been full of energy with a carefree vibe. A place for preserving culture, Peshawar finally has a spot that we lacked before.