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Project description

Zakori Group, in 2019, took on the challenge of setting up an indigenous medical equipment manufacturing startup with the name of APRUS Technologies. Regarded as the only potential unicorn startup in the country, Mr. Ayub Zakori became the Venture Capitalist and boosted the startup’s prospects to a greater extent. APRUS manufactures electrosurgical units and negative pressure wound therapy equipment.


While Ayub Zakori remained the Chairman, board member, and active collaborator of the National Incubation Center Peshawar, he was introduced to a disruptive medical technology that could capture a significant portion of the international market. The idea, although innovative, repulsed numerous investors because of the lack of medical manufacturing industry and facilities in the country. With his commitment towards revolutionizing the medical domain of the country, Mr. Ayub accepted the challenge and invested in APRUS Technologies along with the current CEO, Hira Irshad, and the talented electrical engineers Mohsin and Noman Rafiq. The startup has been the source of inspiration for the VC domain of the country and has since garnered local and international attention. With technology and the intellectual property to challenge the global standards in the field, it has already supplied electrosurgical units and negative pressure wound therapy equipment to international customers. Mr. Ayub Khan Zakori helped Aprus Technologies reach new heights in two years when the company went into full scale production, and by the end of 2021, Mr. Ayub Khan Zakori sold his shares of Aprus Technologies after giving the company a steady platform for two years; Aprus can achieve great things because of the foundations which have been laid since 2019 under the tutelage of Mr. Ayub Zakori.